At Syracuse Chiropractic & Health Center we firmly believe in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is the practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine. We offer a very natural approach to weight-loss and helping our patients live a healthy life-style. No surgery, no prescription drugs, no invasive treatments, and no pre-packaged meals.

At Syracuse Chiropractic & Health Center we can take a look at what’s happening to your body internally with our BIA machine (BioElectrical Impedance Analysis) that can tell Dr. Tyler Elmore what is happening internally by measuring things such as:

Toxicity Levels
PH Levels
Cellular Inflammation
Metabolic Rate
Total Body Fat %
Total Body Water %
Body Cell Mass

The BIA Machine can tell Dr. Tyler Elmore exactly how many pounds of fat mass, muscle mass, or water mass that you are losing. This allows us to specifically tell where your weight loss is coming from so that we can guide you in the right direction to meet your health and weight-loss goals.

We specialize in helping people feel and look their best. If you are suffering from back, neck or joint pain, you can benefit from our Nutritional side as well. Most patients find that they can decrease inflammation and sometimes even eliminate their aches and pains by getting their body back to its natural fat-burning stage.

Dr. Tyler Elmore holds 2 FREE Nutritional Seminars a month here in the office where he talks about Weight Loss, Thyroid Health, Type II Diabetes, and how these and other autoimmune diseases are all essentially connected. Come and learn about how you can beat these and start to lose weight and keep it off naturally!

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